Cleveland Police question truck driver after unsecured load crippled 100 cars on I-77 (bodycam)

Body Cam video of police questioning dump truck driver accused of causing mess on I-77

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - 19 News just got the bodycam video of police confronting a truck driver accused of causing a massive mess on I-77.

Investigators claim the metal the driver was hauling, wasn’t properly secured. Paul Podgurski told Cleveland Police, “This was not locked and it started coming out.”

Pieces scattered all over the northbound lane causing the tires on more the 100 cars to blow out. When police asked, “Can you give me an idea why this tailgate is not secured?” Podgurski told them another person was driving the truck earlier that day. “When you got in the driver seat did you do a pre-trip?” Podgurski said, “Yes, in the morning. Checked the oil, the tires, the lights.”

Police asked, “When this was loaded did you do a pre-trip?” “No, I’m sorry, I didn’t,” said Podgurski. He also said, “Maybe I should’ve checked to make sure the tail gate was locked before I left.”

While police explained the number of violations he was cited for, Podgurski listened and was cooperative.

Podgurski pleaded not guilty in court last week. We hope to learn more when he goes back to court on August 26th.

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