19 Follow Up Files: Cleveland councilman responds to concerns about new LED streetlights

City Council’s Safety Committee will get a progress report on installation Wednesday at 10 a.m.

19 Follow Up Files: Cleveland councilman responds to concerns about new LED streetlights
Cleveland City Council Members will get an update Wednesday morning on the installation of new LED streetlights.

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Two weeks ago, 19 News reported on concerns raised by some Cleveland homeowners regarding new LED streetlights that are being installed across the city.

John Paul who lives in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood said the lights are brighter than he expected.

"It’s like being downtown at Progressive Field, Paul said.

“The lights are shining on you. The light does shine through the windows if you don’t have blackout curtains.”

19 Follow Up Files: New LED Streetlights in Cleveland

The lighting upgrades are part of a $35 million project designed to save the city on energy costs and help reduce crime.

The lights can be remotely turned on, off, dimmed and brightened.

19 News called and emailed Cleveland Public Power to get answers on the technology, who’s making lighting level decisions and if adjustments will be made.

As of Tuesday morning, Cleveland Public Power said they were still working on our request.

Cleveland City Councilman Matt Zone did answer our questions.

“I know that on some sides of the street it’s like daylight and the other side is very dark,” Zone said.

“So there’s going to be some growing pains, but I believe at the end of the day when they’re fully implemented and adjusted it’s going to be a terrific addition to our city.”

We have a 19 Follow Up Files report for you this morning on some of the complaints we’re hearing about new LED...

Posted by Damon Maloney TV on Wednesday, August 14, 2019

On Wednesday morning, members of the city administration will be giving council’s safety committee a progress report on light installation.

Zone said any complaints called into the city or Cleveland Public Power will be addressed.

“When we receive complaints, in certain areas they’re too bright, I know they are going to be dispatching workers who then can control and adjust the lighting to get the right type of light so it doesn’t overwhelm people,” Zone said.

Also being discussed at the meeting is the eventual installation of 1,000 surveillance cameras. The cameras will be attached to the new streetlight system and will feed directly into the Cleveland Division of Police’s real-time crime center.

Zone couldn’t say how quickly lighting concerns would be addressed, but stressed that the rollout is just beginning.

“I think people are excited about it, but they want it to be the right type of lighting,” Zone said.

To learn more about the streetlight project and track the progress of installation click here.

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