Controversy heating up over sale of Confederate flag at Lorain County Fair

Controversy heating up over sale of Confederate flag at Lorain County Fair

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - “As a veteran. I fought for this country, and as a wounded veteran I bled for this country.”

Sgt. Sam L. Felton, who received a Purple Heart and Navy Cross, served three tours of duty in Vietnam. He’s opposed to the Stars and Bars being sold at venues using taxpayer money, in this case, the Lorain County Fair.

“America is not built on that premise. America is built on the premise that we all should have the right to be free," Felton said. “And today this flag is often seen as a symbol of white supremacy...I don’t see it as a flag that is used to promote peace or harmony, but as a flag to promote separatism, anger, racism. It shouldn’t even to displayed or sold on any property, especially a fair.”

The Lorain County Fair Board says the Confederate flag is part of Civil War memorabilia, and as such, it’s allowing it to be sold as a freedom of speech issue.

“It’s something that has been sold here for over 40 years now. It’s sold with other Civil War memorabilia. We’ve never had an issue or any problem with it. A couple of years ago there were some politicians started to complain. Our fair-going population has really never complained. It’s never been an issue here, sir,” Kim Meyers, of the Lorain County Fair Board, said.

Four billboards with the message, “Honor America. Do not sell the Confederate flag at our Lorain County Fair” are going up around the county, but locations are yet to be determined.

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