Freddie’s just fine with that fighting spirit

Multiple skirmishes break out between Browns and Colts

Freddie’s just fine with that fighting spirit

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Freddie Kitchens said it on Wednesday: His Browns will not back down from anybody. They proved that on Thursday.

Multiple fights broke out between the Browns and Colts during the second of their two-day joint practices, some involving several players. It’s a common occurrence when two teams practice together, and while Kitchens and Colts head coach Frank Reich had hoped to avoid the punching, pushing and shoving, Freddie’s just fine with his team’s attitude

“We just have a way we’re going to treat our practices," Kitchens said following the practice. “That’s never gonna change. Doesn’t matter who we’re going against.”

Odell Beckham Jr., who was once again kept out of the team drills, said it’s almost inevitable when two teams practice together for multiple days.

“Second, third week in camp, everybody’s tired, they’ve been going through it, competitive nature runs high, as long as you can contain it, make sure you run all your drills, it’s good to see that we do have fight in us," Beckham said.

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