Teen hospitalized after getting sucked into Texas water park drain

CRYSTAL BEACH, Texas (KTRK/CNN) - A 14-year-old boy is fighting for his life after authorities say he was sucked into a drain at a Texas water park, possibly while participating in a dare.

Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset says a 14-year-old sustained serious injuries after he lifted a grate and got sucked inside a drain Saturday at Fun Town Water Park in Crystal Beach, Texas.

"From my understanding, it might have been on a dare. He’s a large 14-year-old, my size, 5 [foot] 11 [inches], and he picked it up. When he did that, he slipped into the intake,” Trochesset said.

An employee shut the pipes off, and the teenager was able to escape. However, he suffered serious internal injuries and was rushed to the hospital.

"Sad, tragic situation for the family. I hope he’s doing well. Prayers are going to be needed,” Trochesset said.

The owner of Fun Town says his heart goes out to the family. Due to insurance, he couldn’t comment further.

The sheriff’s office is still investigating and taking a hard look at the grate, hoping to prevent this kind of incident from happening again at Fun Town.

"Is there a way to put a lock on it or some kind of device that screws it down so somebody is not able to just pick it up so easily?” Trochesset said.

The Port Bolivar community held a vigil for the 14-year-old and his family and plans to hold another one as well as a fundraiser in the near future.

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