Hathaway Brown makes history as first in U.S. with varsity esports team

Hathaway Brown makes history as first in U.S. with varsity esports team
Hathaway Brown varsity esports team (Source: WOIO)

SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) - Hathaway Brown in Shaker Heights made history this past year by becoming the first varsity esports team in the county.

The all-girls school in Shaker Heights started the program last year, playing computer-based games under the leadership of Coach J Collins.

Collins has been an advocate of video games since the Obama administration and worked with the U.S. Department of Education to explore the benefits of gaming in a classroom setting.

You play like a girl

“Good, I am a girl - and I play well,” Kaila Morris said confidently.

They had a smiles on their faces, all while fighting the stigma that women don’t play video games.

That stereotype is wildly inaccurate, in fact according to the Entertainment Software Association, 48 percent of gamers are women.

“Leadership, teamwork, perseverance all those became manifest in the first couple practices that we had.”
J Collins

For the group of ten students, the story was no different.

The girls played three computer games throughout the school year:

  • Rocket League, a vehicular soccer game
  • Hearthstone, a virtual card game
  • Heroes of the Storm, a multiplayer online battle arena video game

While being apart of history is cool for the students the main thing they cared about was having fun.

“When you see three students coming in after hours to run wires and work on network configurations that means that something special is going on.”
J Collins

Throughout the school year they participated in tournaments at libraries against other club teams for an 8-10 week season.

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