Personnel file finally turned over for Cleveland officer charged with stealing from Walmart

File shows officer had to be sent back to the academy for re-training.

Personnel file finally turned over for Cleveland officer charged with stealing from Walmart

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -Cleveland police officer Tashalee Norris has been arraigned on robbery and aggravated theft charges for allegedly stealing from a North Olmsted Super Walmart in March.

Norris is accused of not scanning all items at the self-checkout and when questioned she became combative, all while carrying her service weapon.

Since April, Cleveland 19 made multiple requests for the personnel file for Norris.

It wasn’t until our legal counsel became involved that the City of Cleveland finally released her file today.

Her file contains several evaluations from Field Training Officers (FTO) that continually pointed out deficiencies in Norris’ conduct as an officer.

In one case an FTO made notes in a section of a form labeled, “Identify areas that DO NOT MEET EXPECTATIONS.”

The FTO wrote in comments, to which Norris used a pen to scratch them out.

In a letter to the commander, Norris stated, “On June 24, 2017 I scratched over P.O. (patrol officer) COOK #1378 (badge number 1378) review in my FTO notebook. I was upset at the time. I realized what I did was wrong."

On July 26, 2017 a FTO let Norris drive the zone car.

After observing four vehicle not stop at the same stop sign the PTO instructed Norris to pull over the fourth vehicle.

According to the report Norris didn’t react so the officer said, “Go get that car."

Her reply was, “I don’t want to pull anyone over.”

When asked why, the report said Norris replied, “You guys don’t pull anyone over.”

The FTO wrote in the report that she wasn’t sure Norris could conduct a tactically safe traffic stop.

In another case Norris was instructed by a FTO to retrieve a report that would show the mileage of their zone car they were in that day.

The FTO’s report said, “She refused and began arguing with me in front of other officers. P.P.O (probationary patrol officer) Norris #1283 finally did what was asked of her and the proper mileage was added to our duty. After this exchange I was approached by several officers with their concerns off P.P.O. Norris #1283 being disrespectful.”

One complaint from a FTO stated that it took Norris five hours to complete one report on a single car accident.

The most damning part of her personnel file was the fact the Norris had to be sent back to the police academy to be retrained at the end of her probationary period as an officer.

From a source on background, it is extremely rare that an officer at the end of their probationary period has to be sent back to the academy.

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