Russo brothers plans to shoot next movie in Cleveland are shot down

The temporary removal of Ohio’s tax credit for the film industry led to a change of production plans for the Russo’s next film.

Russo brothers will not be making their next movie in Cleveland


It appeared to be black Friday as a line snaked around the Best Buy on Brookpark Road as Marvel fans came out to, hopefully, get a minute with Hollywood director and Cleveland native Anthony Russo.

Russo along with his brother, Joe, have become directorial stars after their work on four movies in the Marvel Universe series capped by the mega-hit “Avengers: Endgame.”

“Avengers: Endgame” just became the highest grossing film ever.

The Russo brothers had planned to shoot their next movie, “Cherry,” in and around Cleveland but the Ohio legislature eliminated the tax credit for movie production companies so there was a change of plans.

“Film making is too expensive to endeavor upon without that tax incentive,” Russo told 19 News.

Ohio legislators eventually re-instated the tax credit but, it was too late to save the Cleveland production of “Cherry” as production plans were already changed.

“We have long term goals to keep shooting here in Cleveland but I am kind of heartbroken that we missed the opportunity to make Cherry here,” Russo said.

“Cherry” is based on a novel that is set in Cleveland and tells the story of an American vet who comes home and becomes addicted to opioids.

The film will be an obvious departure from the latest work from the brothers, but is something, Anthony said, that they are looking forward too.

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