Florida woman caught on camera calling black woman the n-word

VIDEO: Florida woman uses racial slur in Publix

MIAMI (WSVN/CNN) - A Florida woman said her grocery cart got bumped – then she got bumped with a lot of hatred.

Nickiea Johnson recorded the incident in the Brickell neighborhood of Miami.

"Why don't you call me (n-word) again?” Johnson asked the woman in the video. “Why don't you call me (n-word) again?"

Johnson said she came to Publix to pick up some dog food. While she stood in the checkout line, Johnson said a woman behind her bumped her with a cart.

“So, I turned around and I was like, ‘You know, the nice thing to do would be to say excuse me.’ And she was like, ‘For what?’ And I was like, ‘Because you hit me.’ And she was like '(expletive) you, you (n-word.) And that was it," Johnson explained.

That’s when Johnson followed the woman and started recording.

“Call me a (n-word) again,” Johnson pleaded.

“I don’t have to call you one. Get away from me. I called security and there are surveillance of you,” the woman responded.

The video continues and the woman does say the n-word. And as she walked away, the woman says something else offensive.

“Good grief! Go back to Harlem,” the woman told Johnson.

“I’m not from Harlem. I’m actually from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and I live in Miami, Florida and I’ve relocated here for a better life for me and my kids,” Johnson explained.

She posted the video to Instagram where it already has thousands of views and comments.

“I felt humiliated and insulted. I just pray for her,” Johnson said. “I pray for her and I pray for any children that she is raising with that mindset.”

After recording the cellphone video, Johnson said she left the grocery store and did not see the woman again.

She’s hoping to use the experience as an important lesson for her two sons.

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