Akron man says trees and wires blocking his wheelchair ramp after storms

Akron man says trees and wires blocking his wheelchair ramp after storms

AKRON, Ohio (WOIO) - Sunday’s storms left a mess over much of Northeast Ohio, with fallen trees and loose wires.

A disabled man in Akron says both are blocking his wheelchair ramp after the storm.

“I feel like a prisoner because I can’t leave,.” said Kevin Eslinger.

Eslinger said he heard and saw the destruction from inside his home.

“Like in those movies where the lumberjack yells something out and then you hear the tree coming down, you hear the sound of it kind of swooshing through the air," he said.

Eslinger said the tree belongs to the house next door. It crashed into his house, landing right on top of his wheelchair ramp.

He tells 19 News the tree has been a nuisance for decades and he’s been trying to work things out with the landlord next door for years.

“The landlord, he won’t do anything about it, he says it’s an act of God, it’s not his responsibility when a tree falls," said Eslinger.

19 News reached out to the landlord at Excelsior Properties in Akron but we did not hear back.

In the meantime, Eslinger says he’s doing the best he can but he’s struggling.

“With the electric being out, it’s very hot and sometimes it’s difficult to breathe because of humidity and then finally of course, everything in my refrigerator and freezer are thawing and I’m concerned about that as well," he said.

19 News also reached out to FirstEnergy about the wires and within an hour of our emails and calls, crews were dispatched to Eslinger’s house to resolve the issue.

Eslinger tells us he’s looking for someone to help him out around his house. You can email him at kevdawg63@att.net if you are available.

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