Residents continue cleanup in Kent after late-night severe storms

Police report no storm-related injuries.

Residents continue cleanup in Kent after late-night severe storms
Late night storms rolled through Kent Sunday night leaving behind dozens of downed trees.

KENT, Ohio (WOIO) - The sound of chainsaws overpowered the chirps of birds Monday morning in Kent following powerful storms.

Cleanup underway in Kent following storms

Dozens of trees were uprooted and blown over on Ivan Drive and surrounding streets.

Kent State University also reported damage.

Tom Leibrandt was sleeping when the the storm hit.

“Kind of bright lights- bright lightening and such high winds,” Leibrandt said. “We got some limbs on the roof, but beyond that, we’re doing pretty good.”

His neighbors weren’t so lucky. A giant tree fell across their front yard causing structural damage. A portion of the tree trunk blocked the home’s front door and garage.

Cleanup underway in Kent following late night storms

“Had a rough night,” Leibrandt said. “It’s going to be a rougher day.”

Electric crews were busy working to restore power.

A better glimpse as it gets lighter outside. Cleveland 19 News

Posted by Damon Maloney TV on Monday, August 19, 2019

“I heard something blowing all of a sudden., and I was in bed and looked over and my electric alarm clock was off,” said resident Martha Ciccozzi. "That was the indication that something really bad was happening."

As of 11:30 a.m., about 100 customers were still without power in Kent.

Police have no records of any storm-related injuries.

Leibrandt and his neighbors will likely be planting new trees to help the neighborhood regain its charm.

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