Freddie fires back at “bullseye” question

Head coach tired of talking about high expectations
Updated: Aug. 20, 2019 at 3:22 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - On a day that certainly felt like the warmest of this training camp, the only thing as hot may have been the head coach, who’s tired of talking about outside noise and great expectations, whether it’s the Browns gracing the cover of “Sports Illustrated”, or Baker Mayfield criticizing the Giants for drafting quarterback Daniel Jones in “GQ”.

Mayfield revealed in the magazine that he was shocked that the Giants took the Duke quarterback with the sixth overall pick, before posting on Instagram that his comments were taken out of context.

Still, it put Freddie Kitchens in the position of having to address it following Tuesday’s practice, and the coach made it clear: he considers it a non-issue.

“I think Baker knows exactly what he is doing,” Kitchens said. “You guys are not giving him enough credit from the standpoint of he is 24 years old. He is very mature, but again, he is still 24-year old. He is going to have things he learns along the way, in football, in life and everything else. I do not think it matters. At the end of the day, I do not think it matters. Somebody said something about the bullseye. You said something about the bullseye? What does that matter? Do we not have a bullseye on us because we are in the NFL and we are playing on Sundays? We are going to get somebody’s best effort. What does that tell you about the team? That is like being disrespectful to the team you are playing if you do not think you are getting your best effort from them. What are they going to do? Sit like 10 starters? I do not understand that.”

“We do not care. We do not care. It is already on there so it does not matter. We will be ready to play. I do not know what a ‘bullseye’ is. I do not know what that is. Does anybody know? Does anybody know what a bullseye is? If they are not trying to beat our ass and we are not trying to beat their ass, I do not know what else you do. That is what we are going to try and do, and hopefully, they try and do the same.”

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