E-cigarettes being used by Northeast Ohio students hits alarming highs

Anti-tobacco groups help parents spot signs.

E-cigarettes being used by Northeast Ohio students hits alarming highs

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -With schools back in session anti-tobacco groups are trying to make sure schools and parents are aware of what the FDA calls and “epidemic,” and that’s teens who use e-cigarettes.

“Schools are overwhelmed by the e-cigarette crisis,” according to John Schachter with Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. "Teachers and parents are dealing with kids who are showing serious symptoms of nicotine addiction and withdrawal.

According to the latest data the amount of high school students who used e-cigarettes, or vaped, in 2018 increased by 78% in 2018.

The total amount of students vaping is estimated at 3.6 million in the U.S. which represents 20.8% of all students.

“It’s important for parents and educators to become familiar with e-cigarettes, including what they look like and what their effects are,” Schachter said. “Kids need to know that even if an e-cigarette has a fun flavor or looks high-tech, it’s still addictive and can harm their health.”

Schachter advises parents to have a conversation with their kids, not a lecture in the following areas:

  • Ask them what they know about e-cigarettes
  • Be prepared to answer any questions about the health effects
  • Listen to them and be prepared to correct any myths they may have heard
  • Set a tobacco-free example at home

“Many kids don’t realize they’re consuming nicotine, let alone the huge doses delivered,” Schachter said. “They think they’re using a harmless product that delivers water vapor and fun flavors. That’s absolutely not the case. E-cigarettes can quickly addict kids and harm their health.”

For resources on what to look for and how to talk to your children about e-cigarettes here are links to information:

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