Video shows security forcefully remove trans women from bar

VIDEO: Trans women forcefully removed by security

(CNN) - The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating an incident recorded on video showing security forcefully removing transgender patrons from a downtown bar on Friday.

Khloe Perez-Rios posted the video that's been shared widely on social media. She wrote on Facebook they were celebrating an LGBTQ festival at the bar when a couple directed "transphobic slurs" at their table.

In the video, a trans woman repeatedly said, "don't touch me like that," and she was forcibly grabbed by bar security, slammed against a wall and thrown out.

Another security staff member was seen grabbing another trans-woman in a chokehold, dragging her across the bar and also throwing her out.

"They used excessive force to remove trans women out of the place and they were very gentle to remove the man and the woman who were very inebriated and very aggressive," Perez-Rios said.

The hospitality group that owns the bar said the manager asked two groups of guests to leave after an argument broke out and they refused to leave.

“Whether in public, or inside of a private establishment, all Angelenos deserve the freedom to coexist in harmony,” LAPD said.

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