Cleveland girl shoved by woman previously accused of endangering children, but prosecutors won’t pursue case--why?

Cleveland girl shoved by woman previously accused of endangering children

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Two parents are outraged right now. They say a neighbor assaulted their young daughter and it was all caught on video.

But, the girl’s parents say prosecutors told them they’re not moving forward with a case.

The girl didn’t even realize the incident was caught on camera until the day after it happened.

The little girl set her phone on a stoop to record her dancing.

As she’s playing, a woman comes over cursing and shoves the 7-year-old in the face, before pushing her.

According to police, this is a misdemeanor assault case.

Meaning in order to press charges, the girl’s parents would have to take the case to prosecutors.

They say they did, but prosecutors said there’s not enough to prosecute.

That’s why they’re outraged and came to 19 News for help.

"We took this problem to the police department. We went about it the correct way, but we didn’t get any results.

The woman the couple says did this has done jail time.

In 2004 she was indicted on charges of endangering children.

Those were dropped when she pleaded guilty to drug charges in the same case.

We’re not identifying her though, because police say she hasn’t been charged in this case.

Luckily, the 7-year-old is okay.

But, they say she’s traumatized and hasn’t been acting the same.

“She’s like a balloon that’s been deflated,” her dad said. “When you let the air out of a balloon, that’s just how our daughter looks.”

We asked city prosecutors why their office decided against charges.

We’re waiting to hear back, and we’ll stay on top of this to find out.

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