Truck belonging to Cleveland mayor’s grandson towed away after police questioned murder suspect

A teen was questioned outside Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s home in a murder case.

A family history, inside Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson's home

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Investigators released more information after 19 News first reported on an active police presence and the questioning of a murder suspect outside of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s home on Wednesday.

The truck belonging to Jackson’s 22-year-old grandson was also towed away from the mayor’s house.

Last month, 19 News showed body camera video from Cleveland Police when the mayor’s 16-year-old great-grandson was arrested for shooting at officers during a high-speed chase.

The mayor’s grandson, Frank Q. Jackson, who lives at the same residence, is also familiar with law enforcement.

Since 2015, he’s had more than 11 traffic violations, many in the same truck that was towed from the scene.

Jackson’s grandson was pulled over in this truck two years ago for having a wanted murder suspect in the vehicle with him.

In April 2017, 19 News asked the mayor about this case involving his grandson.

“My grandson doesn’t smoke cigarettes. He doesn’t do dope. He doesn’t sell drugs. He doesn’t rob. He doesn’t steal. He doesn’t own a gun," the mayor said at the time.

Frank Q. Jackson was charged just two months later for having a gun without a permit. Police found a loaded gun and nearly 100 rounds of ammo.

Two months ago, he pleaded guilty to crimes of shooting at people with a paintball gun and having drugs in his car. He didn’t serve jail time in that case and was sentenced to probation.

The mayor’s office did not provide a statement to issues involving the mayor’s family members.

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