Local Attorney launched obscenity laced tirade at Brooklyn Police Officers (video)


CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - What started as a routine closed-door conference between members of the Brooklyn Police Department and Public Defender Loretta Coyne about a pending case quickly devolved into this.

The video opens with an officer saying, “my last name is Shill.

"I don’t give a BEEP what your last name is you’re an BEEP,” Coyne replied.

The scene was recorded on a police body camera and obtained by 19 News.

“You sit here and call me an BEEP and smart BEEP." Shill responds to Coyne.

“He wasn’t acting any way mam. You’re out of line,” another unidentified officer says.

"I’m out of line. You’re out of line,” Coyne responds.

The attorney is Loretta Coyle, a public defender for North Royalton who told 19 News she got angry after walking into the room and discovered her case files had been moved around.

All Brooklyn Police Chief Scott Miekle will tell 19 News is the conference was a “Settlement negotiation between a defense attorney and prosecutor in an effort to resolve and in preparation for a criminal trial.”

“I’d appreciate if you treat me with respect," the officer who identified himself as Shill tells Coyne.

“I won’t,” Coyne told the officer.

"Okay then, you won’t get any in return. I don’t care who you are,” the officer tells Coyne.

At this stage, it gets even more interesting when Coyle said, “We’ll see what happens."

“We had no ill will towards you," an unidentified officer can be heard saying.

“We’ll see what happens,” Coyne responds.

“We’ll see? ok is that a threat?” the unidentified officer responds.

“Let’s see what happens. What is going to happen?” Coyne said.

“OK why don’t you call your niece,” one officer says to Coyle.

“I’m not call my niece I’m calling the chief,” Coyle said.

"Call the chief then,” the officer responds.

Turns out Coyne’s niece is their boss. Brooklyn Mayor Katie Gallagher.

Gallagher calls it a “testy exchange that didn’t need to happen.”

Coyne ttold 19 News she did call the Brooklyn Police Chief but didn’t filed a complaint. She went on to say police officers too often get a bad rap but if the citizens of Brooklyn were treated the way she was this week, there would be big problems.

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