Illegal dumping continues to plague Slavic Village neighborhood

Neighbors and councilman fighting back.

Illegal dumping continues to plague Slavic Village neighborhood

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - “I have videos and pictures, a lot that I took personally off my security cameras,” is how Jerry, a man who lives on East 50th Street in Cleveland, describes his defense against illegal dumpers.

He invited us in to look at his videos that police detectives have reviewed in the past. There are dozens of them.

“Yeah, throw it out. Sure. Throw your cardboard out too. He thinks this is a garbage dump. Yeah, I’m watchin’ you.” was Jerry’s narration as he viewed the video.

The latest assault on his neighborhood is just a few doors down. An abandoned property with freshly dumped furniture and trash.

“They’ll do it when you’re not looking, or they don’t report it. Or, they don’t say a thing. Then it just continues,” said Clara Todd. She is the president of the block club here and says she and neighbors are fighting a battle that is tough to see an end to. She has seen enough messes to know where the stuff likely came from.

“Someone that owns a rental property of whatever could be cleaning out a house, they just dump it over here rather than pay the money to take it to a dump site. It’s cheaper obviously to dump it here,” she said.

Later in the day Councilman Anthony Brancatelli visited the site. Turns out Todd was right. An address on a dumped piece of mail was traced back to a newly cleaned out property a block away.

Councilman Brancatelli says millions of dollars have accomplished clean ups, but the effort has not stopped the problem. He says the answer is with all of us. If you see something, call someone, get a license plate number and a vehicle description.

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