Cleveland Browns will use a series of fireworks to get tailgaters into the stadium on time

Home field advantage doesn’t work if fans aren’t in the seats.

Cleveland Browns will use a series of fireworks to get tailgaters into the stadium

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -The Cleveland Browns are doing something new this season, trying to get fans to their seats in time for kickoff.

Two hours before game time, when the gates open, pyrotechnics will be set off from the stadium to alert tailgaters.

One hour before kickoff they will set off a second round of pyrotechnics as a reminder that game time is getting close.

“Part of our efforts to help remind/encourage fans to get in early so they don’t miss kickoff or any of the game action,” according to a spokesman for the Browns. “Especially since the walk from many popular tailgate lots may take up to 30 minutes, even though stadium may appear closer to the eye.”

Getting to the stadium earlier than before might be a good idea since this is also the first season the Browns have gone completely paperless for tickets.

There are no hard copy tickets, or PDF tickets issued.

For fans who collect paper tickets, you’re out of luck as no tickets will be printed once inside the stadium.

This new policy is being implemented across the entire NFL.

All tickets need to be downloaded to your phone either through the Browns app or in your phone’s virtual wallet.

For best mobile experience:

  1. Download and update the app and access/transfer tickets prior to game day
  2. Recommend Apple users add tickets to Mobile Wallet
  3. Have mobile tickets ready and visible before approaching gates

Anyone with questions or problems using the app are encouraged to call the Browns Membership Services prior to game day at 440-891-5050.

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