Shooter gets 14 years for emptying gun into woman in North Ridgeville

Judge presses Christian Martinez on why he committed the random shooting at sentencing on Monday

Christian Martinez gets 14 years for random shooting in North Ridgeville.

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Jacqueline Dienes was simply sitting in her car on Taylor Industrial Parkway at Bender Road. She was on a break, talking on the phone to her mother when she saw Christian Martinez approach her car.

“I needed to figure it out. At least I got to tell her at that moment, ‘I love you. Bye,’ ” Dienes told Judge John Miraldi at Martinez’s sentencing in Lorain County court on Monday.

Dienes spoke for more than 20 minutes detailing her recurring fears and the months of surgeries, therapy and pain she has endured. She says she has grown from her journey and won’t be called a victim.

“I am a survivor of random gun violence. I will not take any other words that are negative such as victim,” she said to Martinez. She was hit six times, one bullet nicking her aorta, another passing ever so close to her spine. A bullet remains lodged in her throat. She takes 18 pills a day and has medical appointments every week.

She said her pain is constant, and she feels it all the time. Something else pains her. She never heard why he did what he did. She wasn’t alone.

“One of the things your mother asked me to do was to find out why this happened.” Judge John Miraldi told Martinez. He questioned Martinez for more than five minutes. Was it gang-related, why did he do it?

“I’ve never been involved in a case that was more of a mystery to me than this case. You need to help me understand why you did this and you’ve had 19 months to think about it. I can’t explain it doesn’t work. I don’t know doesn’t work.” said Miraldi.

The why in a case like this is usually easy to see. Things like robbery, jealousy and drugs. Not so much in this case. Judge Miraldi never did get an answer. Martinez apologized to Dienes and was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

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