Violent criminal appears to pose with money and gun near police, outside Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s home

Violent criminal appears to pose with money and gun outside Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s home

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - 19 News uncovered more questions and concerns surrounding criminal cases that have embroiled members of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s family.

A social media post alleges that a violent criminal was proudly posing with a weapon near police, outside Jackson’s home sometime this summer.

A viewer sent 19 News the photo that was publicly posted to Instagram.

The man appears to be standing in Jackson’s driveway, flashing a wad of cash, with a gun hanging out of his pocket.

Joe Jones is the founder of a group called Fathers Lives Matter. Monday, he stood in front of Cleveland City Hall, speaking out.

“It’s deplorable. [The Mayor] doesn’t acknowledge that either, even though there’s a police officer like five feet away from that,” he said.

You can see what appears to be the front of a Cleveland police car sitting right behind the 19-year-old.

It’s where Jackson’s police detail sits day in and day out, on a dirt path outside the chain link fence around his yard.

“[The picture is taken] in the mayor’s driveway. How could you not acknowledge that?” Jones said, looking at the photo again.

19 News discovered the young man’s name is Shawn Murray.

We obtained a mug shot of him from a previous arrest. He’s faced several felony charges.

The picture controversy is just the latest in the scandal surrounding the Mayor and his family.

“On top of it, he has two grandsons with felony cases,” Jones said.

Other citizens joined Jones and gathered outside city hall Monday, calling for the mayor to resign.

Less than two weeks ago, his grandson’s truck was towed from the same driveway where the picture was apparently taken. We’re told it’s evidence in a murder case.

Both his grandson, and his great-grandson are facing serious charges on different violent crimes.

Jackson’s grandson was arraigned Monday morning on charges in the brutal beating of a woman.

His arrest came after city prosecutors decided not to take up the case.

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Jackson’s great-grandson is in juvenile jail right now, accused of shooting at police in July.

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