Wadsworth councilman arrested on burglary charges for February incident

Wadsworth councilman arrested on burglary charges for February incident
Lee Potts (Source: Wadsworth police)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Wadsworth police arrested a councilman on burglary charges stemming from a incident in February.

Ward 3 Councilman Lee Potts was taken into custody on Sept. 6 and charged with felony counts of aggravated burglary and burglary.

Alyssa Bierdon was also arrested in connection to the incident that was reported on Feb. 7 in the 200 block of Chestnut Street.

In addition to the burglary accusations, Bierdon also faces a charge of misdemeanor menacing.

Lee Potts and Alyssa Bierdon
Lee Potts and Alyssa Bierdon (Source: Wadsworth police)

Potts and Bierdon were initially charged in March with crimes that included criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct, but those counts were dropped after the case was reviewed by a special prosecutor at the city of Medina Law Department.

A prosecutor from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office presented the case to a Medina County grand jury on Sept. 4. The jurors indicted Potts and Bierdon on the burglary charges, which led to their arrests.

The administration for the city of Wadsworth released a statement regarding Potts’ arrest:

"The City of Wadsworth Administration has learned of the indictment and arrest of Ward 3 Councilman Lee Potts. We are concerned about the criminal allegations lodged against Councilman Potts. However, we understand that the indictment is only the beginning of a legal process, a process that our country has steadfastly followed for more than two hundred years.

While the indictment is the beginning of a process, we acknowledge the seriousness of the felonies alleged and the rights of victims as well as the accused and know that any further public comment on the matter is not appropriate until such time as the matter is resolved in a court and pursuant to law.

During the course of these proceedings the city will ensure that the residents and businesses within Councilman Potts ward and their collective interests remain represented in all pertinent municipal matters. Councilman Potts was appointed Ward 3 Councilman on August 26, 2017, to replace then retiring Councilman John Sharkey. He was elected to the Ward 3 position later in that same year."

Police did not specify what the relation is between Potts and Bierdon.

Both Potts and Bierdon were taken to the Medina County Jail. Their bonds were set at $50,000.

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