Multiple construction projects make it a slow go in Solon

SOM-Aurora intersection project coupled with the resurfacing of SOM is a work in progress and has some frustrated about the road condition.

Multiple construction projects make it a slow go in Solon

SOLON, Ohio (WOIO) - Two major construction projects in Solon are slowing traffic and fraying nerves.

The city is adding traffic capacity to the intersection of SOM and Aurora, which is one of the busiest intersections in all of Cuyahoga County, and they are re-paving the stretch of road on 91, just north of Aurora, to the 422 interchange.

The issue for drivers right now is that there are exposed casters and bumps, that have been ramped with asphalt, but make it a grinding, bumpy ride. And if you don’t slow down you risk damage to your car.

Bill Drsek, Solon’s public works commissioner, points out that there are multiple signs up and down SOM warning drivers of the bumps and raised casters.

“People are trying to get to 422 or home at the end of the day, but please go slow,” Drsek said, “We have signs posted everywhere to slow down and just be patient through the construction zone.”

Gabby Boose works in Solon and says she was taking it slow but still bottomed out her car.

“I was probably going about 15 miles per hour, and it was a massive bump and huge bang,” she said.

Boose is planning a visit to her mechanic and is hopeful the work in the area will be done soon.

Drsek says the work at the intersection of SOM and Aurora will not be finished until late November and the repaving project on SOM should be done a bit sooner than that, some time in late October.

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