Avon residents staring down roughly $15,000 tab as city connects neighborhood to sanitary sewer

City says the septic systems in the neighborhood need to be replaced and homeowners are going to be hit with an assessment to pay for the project.

Avon residents staring down roughly $15,000 tab as city connects neighborhood to sanitary sewer

AVON, Ohio (WOIO) - Starting in April of 2020 the city of Avon will begin a project that will remove septic systems, and replace them with sanitary lines connected to the city system.

Homeowners on Elizabeth Avenue, Puth Drive and Joseph Street, about a hundred homeowners total, will be assessed for a portion of the work and many on the street are not happy about what will be a five-figure bill to pay for the work.

Avon Mayor Bryan Jensen tells 19 News the city has worked the numbers so the cost is not too prohibitive for homeowners.

“So the one thing we’ve tried to do is reduce the cost, and we’re at the point now where the EPA has kind of run out of patience with us,” Jensen said.

The city and Ohio Environmental Protection Agency entered an agreement that the septic systems would be replaced following an EPA study that determined illicit discharge levels from the neighborhood septic systems.

The cost however has caught the attention of the people in the neighborhood as each homeowner will be assessed $12,000 for the construction project and additionally each homeowner will be responsible for paying an estimated $10,000 to connect to the system.

“I am just going day by day, I can’t come up with the figures that we’ve been seeing,” said Elizabeth Avenue resident Heather Arkley, “It’s just outrageous.”

There is a meeting scheduled for Avon residents who live in the neighborhood on Wednesday night, where they can have their questions answered.

“It’s a hardship, we’re trying to be as fair as we can for them and still make sure they get the value for their house,” the mayor said.

Residents will be able to pay for the cost of the sewer system with their tax bill and would have 20 years to complete payment, but the cost of the connection to the system is due to the contractor at the completion of work.

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