City department manager fired after botched investigation into employees sleeping on the job

Cleveland Public Power employees got their job back after city says manager mishandled internal investigation.

Cleveland Labor Relations Manager placed on leave for misconduct

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - 19 News has learned incompetence went to the top at Cleveland Public Power when it came to employees sleeping on the job.

It's an update to an exclusive 19 News investigation, from nearly three years ago.

A city department manager in charge of the internal investigation has now been fired.

The city of Cleveland says Labor Manager Frances Paster is no longer an employee.

Three workers were fired just weeks after our investigation.

But the tree trimmers got their jobs back after arbitration, with full back pay totaling about $95,000.

Documents in Paster’s personnel file, obtained through a public records request, show workers were reinstated partially because of missteps he took during the city’s investigation.

Arbitrators called Paster's internal investigation "cursory at best."

The documents show multiple allegations of misconduct.

Paster is accused of nine charges of misconduct, including: Neglect of Duty, Incompetence or inefficiency in performance of duties, Conduct unbecoming an employee in the public service, Misfeasance/Malfeasance/Nonfeasance, Fraudulent Conduct, Excessive absenteeism or excessive tardiness, Falsification, Failing to properly register time, and Insubordination.

CPP labor relations manager Frances Paster was placed on paid leave in August.
CPP labor relations manager Frances Paster was placed on paid leave in August. (Source: WOIO)

The city of Cleveland disciplined Paster starting in March, when she was suspended for five days.

Months later in August, the city placed her on paid leave.

The city cited at least two other cases where disciplined workers were unjustly paid because of Paster’s mistakes.

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