New breed of apple is in Northeast Ohio stores and they’re all the ‘Rave’

The Rave apple took 20 years to develop.

New breed of apple is in Northeast Ohio stores and they’re all the ‘Rave’

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -Apple lovers are getting their first taste of a special breed of apple straight from Washington to Ohio.

The new Rave apple took 20 years to develop, and for just the second year they are on store shelves in Northeast Ohio stores including Buehler’s, Heinens, Kroger and Meijer.

The Rave apple is described as a cross between the ever popular Honeycrisp apple. and a MonArk apple.

“The new apple boasts a bright red skin with pops of yellow. It’s outrageously juicy, refreshingly crisp and so good you’ll want to rave about it,” according to a news release announcing the apples arrival.

“The development process for an apple typically begins at a breeding program, although new varieties can appear growing in nature too,” according to Brianna Shales from Stemilt Growers in Washington, the official grower of Rave. “In the case of MN55 (the cultivar name for Rave® brand apples), it was bred through a traditional method of crossing pollen from the flowers of two apple varietals.”

The process of coming up with a new apple is rarely fruitful according to Shales.

Breeders will try thousands of combinations but very few will reach the stage of planting, even fewer reaching store shelves.

There are many questions that have to be answered which is why most trials fail.

“Is it a good apple to eat? Where can it grow? How does it stand up to packing and shipping?” just to name a few.

The remarkable part of this story in Rave comes from the same researcher who developed Honeycrisp apples.

“Rave is the third success story from researcher David Bedford of University of Minnesota’s apple breeding program," Shales said. "Most apple breeders are lucky if they see one of their ‘babies’ released commercially during their career, and David now has three, including the amazing Honeycrisp and rising star, SweeTango®.”

While extremely tasty they are not cheap.

One local retailer is selling Rave for $1.99/lbs.

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