Resident going blind demands help with crosswalk in Cleveland; city responds after 19 News inquiry

Letters from Sight Center and Councilman not responded to.

Resident going blind demands for help with crosswalk in Cleveland; city responds 19 News inquiry

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - There is a lot of traffic on Harvard in front of David Green's home.

He lives across the street from Dave’s Supermarket, but has trouble getting there because he can’t see well enough to cross the street safely.

“I am completely blind inside my right eye and my left eye is going slowly. For example I can see your eyes and your nose, but your mouth, I can’t see going down,” is how he described his worsening condition.

A Google Earth picture of the road from before it was repaved shows a crosswalk. When the road was repaved, it was never put back.

Green has been asking the city of Cleveland to have it replaced. Plus, traffic zooms past and some ignore the light, which we saw first hand.

“That red light is almost like a suggestion sometimes but putting a crosswalk up and letting people know to be courteous when they see somebody standing there,” said Councilman Anthony Brancatelli, who lives nearby.

Green has written to the city and has heard nothing.

Both he and the Cleveland Sight Center would like to see a crosswalk painted on the road and a device installed that would help him and other seniors cross safely

Accessible pedestrian signals are installed all along the Euclid Corridor in Cleveland.

You press a button and don’t really need to see to cross, even on a very busy street like Euclid. All you have to do is listen. When the crossing is safe, a voice sounds “Walk sign is on. Walk sign is on.”

19 News contacted Mayor Frank Jackson’s office on Wednesday afternoon for a response.

Apparently, Green won’t have to wait long.

Late Wednesday afternoon, the city said they received a new shipment of cross signals. His intersection is on the list.

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