‘They have the wrong guy’: Browns fan banned from FirstEnergy Stadium says

Browns say investigation ongoing

‘They have the wrong guy’: Browns fan banned from FirstEnergy says

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Did the Cleveland Browns ban the wrong guy from FirstEnergy Stadium for showering Titans player, Logan Ryan, with beer?

Eric Smith tells 19 News there are some similarities with him and the guy caught on camera, but, he says there’s no way it’s him. He was working all day Sunday and hasn’t been to a Browns game in ten years. When he got a call from the Browns telling him he was banned from FirstEnergy, he was stunned.

Smith has a red beard and a tattoo on his arm. The fan on camera has a red beard and apparently has a tattoo on his arm. Smith says, “He said like a star, which is not right, but close enough from afar.” Is it a coincidence? Smith says “Absolutely.”

“I was angry this guy didn’t believe me. So, where it stood, I was banned.” Smith says he was with his family in the morning and DJ’ing a wedding Sunday afternoon during game time. We asked, “They’re saying you’re still banned even when you weren’t at the game?” Smith replied, “Yeah. He thought they were excuses and stuff. He said I was being difficult, like why are you being difficult if you’re innocent?”

“I would like some type of resolution. I would rather not be banned from a stadium in case I ever decide to go to a game and a concert,” said Smith.

It’s the first year in nearly a decade that Smith says he’s been excited to go cheer on the Browns. “I was obsessed with them. I said when they put a team on the field worth watching, I’ll watch again.”

Browns released a statement late Wednesday evening regarding the incident:

“Our investigation of the fan incident on Sunday at FirstEnergy Stadium remains ongoing. While we are continuing to gather information and have been in contact with multiple people as part of that process, we have not explicitly identified the individual involved or taken any formal action of punishment at this time. We will have no further comment until the investigation is complete.”

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