Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson won’t talk to local media about family problems

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson won’t talk to local media about family problems
Cleveland City Hall (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Is the mayor stonewalling media from behind giant pillars at City Hall because of the controversy surrounding his grandson? We wanted to ask him about that and a few other important questions.

Instead of calling a regular news conference, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson posted a YouTube video without letting us and other stations directly ask him the questions residents want answers to.

You know that’s not going to stop us from doing our job.

Normally, what happens in one’s family is that family’s business.

But, when it’s the first family of the city and a potential crime may have been committed, that changes things. We want to know the who, what, where, why and when.

So, 19 News went to the mayor’s office here at city hall.

Mayor Frank Jackson mum, but city spokesperson speaks out

This is the conversation I had with Dan Williams, the Director of Media Relations for Cleveland:

Williams: We won’t need that.

Boomer: Yeah, we will. This is what I do.

Williams: Okay, then we’re not going to do anything in here.

Boomer: You’re not going to talk to me or let me know if the mayor is available?

Williams: Give that back to him and I’ll talk to you.

Boomer: I can’t. Dan you know this is my tool. I can’t give you my pen and my pad or my mic. I can’t do that, this is what I use.

Williams: Well, what I’m going to tell you is the mayor posted his YouTube video this morning.

Boomer: I saw it.

Williams: That is his statement.

Boomer: Now, let me ask you this, is the chief available? May I speak with him? The Chief? Chief Calvin Williams.

Williams: He doesn’t work here. That would be over at the Justice Center. You can talk to Jen.

Boomer: Okay, I will do that. In regards to the mayor, I saw the video. Why is he hiding behind sponsored media? There was no regular media there to talk with him. Is he afraid to talk with us? To be confronted with questions about by media?

Williams: No, he has already. He faced them out in the hallway a week ago. Same thing.

Boomer: So, he has nothing new to say in-light of any of the allegations, possible charges against his grandson, nothing new since last week?

Williams: Again, he posted his statement and that’s what we’re going to continue to push out.

Boomer: Okay, Okay, so again, why not face the regular media?

Williams: I’m telling you he did. He did with all the media. Everyone in the media was here.

Boomer: So, why did he post this? Was that a TV 20 interview?

Williams: No.

Boomer: Who was that with?

Williams: Our folks.

Boomer: That’s city sponsored media, right?

Williams: No. As a matter of fact, no. It is what it is.

Boomer: Who would that be? You represent the city right?

Williams: The mayor spoke and what he has spoken and what’s on that YouTube is what’s out.

Boomer: Okay, good enough. I appreciate your time.

Williams: Alright, Harry. Take care man.

Boomer: Thank you, take care.

Our quest for the latest info isn’t over. I went to the Justice Center to talk with Police Chief Calvin Williams, where I was told “no” when I asked to speak with the chief.

Security made a phone call and came back with this response:

Security: They said they won’t allow you up.

Boomer: Did they give you a reason why?

Security: No they didn’t. I just talked to the secretary in the chief’s office and they said don’t allow them up.

Boomer: Okay.

When this case is over, we’ll let it go.

But until then, 19 News will keep asking questions so all of us will know what’s going.

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