Vandals inflict thousands of dollars in damage on 2 Lorain County parks

Second Lorain County park damaged in last month

LORAIN COUNTY, Ohio (WOIO) - Vandals struck twice in seven days destroying bathroom stalls, lighting fixtures and an expensive system designed to reduce the number of geese in South Central Park in North Ridgeville.

The damage comes just weeks after vandals destroyed playground equipment in Sunnyside Park in Lorain. The damage at Sunnyside Park amounted to close to $30,000.

The damage inflicted at South Central Park will not meet that figure, but for residents who love to use the park for fishing, basketball, tennis or just a stroll along the walking path, it’s disappointing.

“I was in the park an hour before it happened and then went back to the bathroom, and it looked like someone tore everything off the wall,” said Zach Riffle, of North Ridgeville.

The bathroom stall separators were ripped off the wall, the soap dispensers were demolished and a number of doors were kicked in to the point that the hinges were bent.

“It’s really frustrating because this is the place to take your kids,” said Allison DeLombard as she walked the park with her young child.

City workers have already repaired the light fixtures and the system that tries to control the geese population, and are hopeful that one of the surveillance cameras in the park may have picked up footage of those responsible.

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