Cavaliers legendary broadcaster Fred McLeod’s wake attended by hundreds

Cavaliers legendary broadcaster Fred McLeod’s wake attended by hundreds
Fred McLeod
Fred McLeod (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) “So, if I’m playing you right on your right shoulder what are you going to do with me? In this offense, what are you going to do with me? If this is the old rules, I’m going to just bam, laughter. Come on is that fair? New rules I have to go, okay Fred.”

That’s the kind of friendship and camaraderie you can’t fake. Fred and AC, Mr. Cavalier, were a team that made watching a Cavs game more than just a game. Fred brought experience, wisdom, and passion to the game he loved and the team that made him cry when it won the 2016 NBA Championship.

He was also a broadcaster extraordinaire and spent 13 years announcing for the Cleveland Cavaliers with his partner AC. This whole region feels this loss Fred as many of you worked with us at Channel 19 and his wife of 28 years Beth did weather for us for years as well. Fred also called games for the Detroit Pistons, but his love of Greater Cleveland drew him back home. Cavs team doctor Jim Rosneck.

“It’s a family and I think everybody is in a state of shock in terms of this. I think we’re all wrapping our heads around it in our hurt. His family way more than anybody else. Fred was a light anytime he entered the room. Always one of the most positive people I’ve ever met in my life.”

Marvin Cross was head of security for Cavs for 13 years.

“We’d have back to back to back games. We’re all running to the plane making sure people don’t be late. We were like Fred come on now got to get to stepping up some or you going to get left.”

“I never heard him dog anybody.”

Jim Chones starred for the Cavs 75-79 part of the Miracle at Richfield Years.

“Fred was our leader. He’s the head guy of all our broadcasting. So, he sets the tone. He establishes the temperament the narrative for our team and he’s going to be hard to be replaced.”

Some shoes just can’t be filled. I just saw Austin inside and as we hugged he said man he will be missed. No doubt.

Another set of visitation hours are scheduled from 6-9 Friday evening and Fred’s funeral is taking place on Saturday at noon at the Bay Presbyterian Church in Bay Village on Lake Road. His funeral will be stream live on

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