CEO literally stands behind bullet proof product with active shooter

CEO literally stands behind bullet proof product with active shooter

PARMA, Ohio (WOIO) - Advanced Coatings Engineering (ACE) CEO, Captain Peter Fabian is literally standing behind his product of bulletproof laminate while a gunman takes his best shot.

When it comes down to protection from a firearm, former Airman and retired military police officer, Peter Fabian says his ultra-thin bullet resistant laminate is the best on the market.

“This is the material we make. It’s paper thin. It’s transparent. It’s a ‘peelistic’ technology,” said Captain Fabian.

With several well-known clients ranging from Facebook to IBM, the captain is willing to place his own life on the line in a demonstration where a shooter from The Parma Armory takes a shot at him with a 38 revolver only a foot away.... and the bullet stopped dead in it’s track.

19 News reporter, Victor Williams even tested out the laminate, standing in the line of fire, hoping and praying the glass would remain intact... It did.

“This is a dead cold shot and you can still see the bullet in the glass. The copper jacket is stuck right there," said Captain Fabian, while looking at the glass.

The protection doesn’t stop there; ACE also designs bulletproof laminates for cars.

“We’ve had facilities blown up. The glass we’ve protected has always survived,” concluded Fabian.

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