6-foot-long Boa Constrictor found in Brecksville not on list of 7 illegal reptiles to own in Ohio

There are specific laws about what snakes you can, and can’t have in Ohio.

Creepy, but 6-foot-long Boa Constrictor found in Brecksville is legal to own in Ohio

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -On Monday, a 6-foot-long Boa Constrictor was found in a woman’s front yard in Brecksville.

The snake was captured and sent to a sanctuary in South Euclid, and investigators believe someone may have set the snake free.

Ohio has very strict and defined laws about what dangerous wild animals, and snakes a person can own.

Looking into the Ohio law, the Boa Constrictor is not on the list of snakes a person can own.

The only constricting snakes that are illegal with out a permit, are the following snakes, and only if they are over 12 feet long:

  • Green anacondas
  • Yellow anacondas
  • Indian pythons
  • Burmese pythons
  • North African rock pythons
  • South African rock pythons
  • Amethystine python

Also restricted are any snakes from the following families:

  • Atractaspididae
  • Elapidae
  • Viperidae
  • Boomslang snakes
  • Twig snakes

Now dumping such snakes in Ohio is very illegal and in the most serious cases a person could face a felony.

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