Nationwide GM strike enters its second day, Parma businesses feel the hurt

Nationwide GM strike into its second day, local businesses hurt because of it

PARMA, Ohio (WOIO) - GM workers say they’re willing to sacrifice now for gains later. But, when they’re not spending money, it pinches local businesses’ pockets.

“I miss my guys. I do. It’s sad. It’s like a different place,” Brandi Prehauser, a bartender at Parma’s Post and Beam Bar and Grille, said.

With 1,100 workers on strike, the bar’s clientele has vanished.

Al Tiller is the shop chairman of Local 1005. He was walking the line with his members on Tuesday.

"We want our fair share. When GM was in bankruptcy UAW and people of this country bailed them out. Now, they’re making record profits.

The average GM worker earns about $90,000 a year. Mary Barra, the company’s CEO earns $22 million a year.

GM is offering to invest $7 billion in the U.S., creating another 5,400 jobs.

The nearly 50,000 workers on strikes are asking for more pay, a better health care plan and more job security for temporary workers.

“They keep abusing them by not offering paid leave and no vacation days, and keeping them temporary status for up to five years,” said Tiller.

The last auto industry strike was 10 years ago, also against GM, and it lasted just three days.

There’s no way of knowing how long this one will go on or how much money GM, the workers and businesses will lose. The two sides will pick up negotiations on Wednesday.

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