Flu season may be coming early, and it could be severe

The Centers for Disease Control is warning we may see stronger strains of flu.

Flu season may be coming early and severe

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The Centers for Disease Control reports that the flu vaccine was delayed this year as the World Health Organization worked on a vaccine for a distinct virus that was rapidly increasing in some countries.

It is the first time the flu vaccine was delayed since 2003, and this action brings about concerns that we could be in for a severe flu season.

Also, the flu season started much earlier than normal in the Southern Hemisphere and that can be seen as a sign that we may also be in for an earlier flu season.

Ed Saxon is a pharmacist with Discount Drug Mart and sees the C.D.C. warning as a reason to get the word out that it would be a good idea to get the flu shot early this year.

“It looks like its going to be a horrible flu season this year, they cant say for sure,” Saxon said, “So they have to get ahead of it and they’re warning us now to get ahead of it."

The flu vaccine is now available and considering that it takes a full two weeks from the time you get the flu shot for your body to build your flu fighting antibodies Saxon suggests getting the shot as soon as possible.

“The delay is actually a good thing, if you hop on it now,” he said, “We just got our high dose vaccine out which has four strains.”

The health care industry has made it very easy to get a flu shot, you can walk into any pharmacy and ask for the vaccination.

“If you wait until the end, when you have a two week period where you’re not covered, you’re going to have problems,” Saxon said.

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