Avon Lake football fans offer mixed reactions to new crowd control rule

Avon Lake School District now requires middle school students to sit in the end zone bleachers.

Friday night lights seating debate in Avon Lake

AVON LAKE, Ohio (WOIO) - The decision by Avon Lake School District administrators to require middle school students to sit in the end zone bleachers during home football games was the topic of discussion at the pre-game tailgate parties before the Shoremen took the field against Westlake.

Avon Lake Superintendent Bob Scott says the key to the decision was opening up the area between the stands and the concession area, and he felt it’s the best solution to make the stadium more accessible to all fans.

“Our stadium, which is beautiful, is so tight. It’s a small area, it’s always been difficult and we’ve been looking for ways to have the kids enjoy the game and the adults enjoy the game, and really make it as safe as possible,” Scott said.

Lots of middle school students attend the games, and they would traditionally gather in the area between the stands and the concession areas, making it difficult at times for fans to navigate the area.

Now those students are required to sit in the end zone bleachers, which did open up the area significantly during Friday night’s game.

“People are either for it strongly or against it strongly,” said Avon Lake parent Jennifer Tysl, “I think it’s great.”

Plenty of parents told us they were against the new rule, but it was mostly the students who were a bit upset including eighth grader Will Cummings.

“Our teachers talked to us about it and there are people who are not going because of it,” Will said, “A lot of people had the idea of everything not being the same and not being able to talk to different people and not being able to move around a little bit.”

The superintendent said he hopes that everyone gives the new rule a chance and will in time come around to this being the best solution for Friday nights in Avon Lake.

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