Cleveland Browns HC Freddie Kitchens after tough loss: ’If you are looking to blame somebody, blame me’

Cleveland Browns fall in the primetime against the Los Angeles Rams

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Cleveland Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens put the blame on his shoulders for the team’s loss Sunday night against the Los Angeles Rams.

The team was riddled with injuries on offense and in the secondary where five new starters had to step up.

Final score: 20-13

Tailgate 19 : Browns vs. Rams on Sunday Night Football

The Browns offense seemed stagnant with play-calling that left people wondering what was going on through the headsets.

Including the now infamous 4th and 9 draw play in the fourth quarter.

Following the loss, Kitchens, told the media to put the blame on him.

“I would say, I have to do a better job during the course of the week of putting these guys in better situations and then on gameday. If you are looking to blame somebody, blame me. Do not blame any of our players. Do not blame any of our other coaches. Just blame me because I can take it. Just blame me. Go write your article and say that I messed the game up. Go write your article and say that it is my fault that things are not looking like it did last year because it is.”
Freddie Kitchens on playcalling

The Browns had an opportunity to potential tie the game late, but struck out after 4 straight incomplete passes from the goal-line.

Kitchens admitted he missed out in his presser:

“I should have ran it one time. I should have. That is why I am kicking myself in the a** for it right now.”

The Browns went down but it’s not the end of the season, with a 1-2 record the team is still second place in the AFC North behind Baltimore.

They will have a chance at redemption this Sunday against the top-seeded Ravens.

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