Numbers don’t lie, almost one murder a day this month in Cleveland

Numbers don’t lie, almost one murder a day this month in Cleveland
Councilman Basheer Jones/Ward 7
Councilman Basheer Jones/Ward 7 (Source: woio)
bullet markers
bullet markers (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - "I’m telling you, Mr. Boomer, the community knows who are committing these crimes, committing these murders. Councilman Basheer Jones walks the streets of Ward 7, where like other wards across the city, people live and die.

“The trauma of waking up, going to sleep, not knowing if your child could be next.”

Death is stalking the streets of Cleveland. So far this year, at least 70-African males have died violent deaths in Cleveland. That’s out of the 98 residents killed. It doesn’t seem to matter what side of town, death is stealing young lives.

Councilman Jones had a serious look on his face as he made his vital point.

“When you have babies that are being found, and you have little girls being found and bodies being found in homes and our children who are afraid to walk back and forth to school to home. Those community members who are being complicit under the idea of no snitching are also a part of the problem,” said Jones.

That means those who care enough to get involved have to be part of the solution or we all run the risk of falling victim to the violence of deadly gunfire heard anytime day or day in any given community in Cleveland.

Unfortunately, the city is far from alone.

Police can't stop these senseless murders all by themselves. They've told us time and time again they need our help.

As Jones is being interviewed on the sidewalk in the historic Hough community, someone spotted him and called out to him. He responds.

“What’s up. Love you, big bro. Good to see you, baby. Good to see you, man. I think that’s perfect point. It take the right voice to say these things.”

Jones says not just anybody can call out the Black community and demand change. That he said is the Black community’s responsibility to help itself by protecting itself. As part of that Jones says he is part of a group of men who check abandoned buildings looking for bodies.

Again, Ward 7 councilman Basheer Jones.

“It’s that type of activism that the community says we’re not waiting for anybody come change our condition. We’re not waiting on anyone to come save us. We have to save our community. So, I’m asking Mr. Boomer for every community member out there. It’s somebody’s baby that got murdered. it’s somebody’s baby that did the killing.”

This point made by Jones bears repeating.

“We know the people who are committing these crimes. Some of you are housing them. Some of you know exactly where they are when you do that you are allowing them to have another opportunity to murder some else.”

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