Cleveland is thirsty after a dry and second hottest September ever

Cleveland is thirsty after a dry and second hottest September ever
The National Weather Service is warning Cleveland drivers of sun glare for the morning commute. (Source: Pixabay)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Cleveland is thirsty. Literally.

The month finished with 1.28 inches of rainfall at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

What’s considered a “normal” rainfall amount for the month of September? Cleveland typically sees about 3.81 inches of rainfall.

That’s a 2.53 inch deficit for the month.

As of the most recent Ohio Drought Monitor, 65.78% of Ohio is considered to be “Abnormally Dry.”

That includes much of the area, especially west of I-77 and south of Akron.

You can see the latest Drought Monitor each week by visiting the following link: State Drought Monitor.

Portions of West-Central and Southwest Ohio are considered to be in a “Moderate Drought.”

Akron also finished the month of September with a rainfall deficit. At Akron-Canton, 1.66 inches of rainfall was recorded in September. The “normal” value for the whole month of September is 3.45 inches. That’s a 1.79 inch deficit for September 2019.

While rainfall was lower than normal, temperatures were much hotter than normal.

Cleveland finished the month with an average high temperature of 81.4 degrees.

A normal average high temperature for the month of September in Cleveland is around 73.9 degrees.

Cleveland finished September 2019 with an average high temperature that is 7.5 degrees above normal. This keeps happening every month.

The average low temperature for September 2019 was 61.1 degrees. That is 5.1 degrees above our normal average low temperature of 56.0 degrees.

If you take the average of the average high temperature and the average low temperature for the month, the September 2019 daily average temperature was 71.25 degrees.

That would make September 2019 our second warmest September EVER, behind September 1881, when the average temperature was 72.4 degrees.

The following chart is from the National Weather Service office in Cleveland.

It hasn’t yet been updated to reflect September 2019, but it shows you the most recent list of warmest Septembers on record.

September (Source: September)

I expect as time goes on, given recent trends, we will continue to see many more of these “Top 10 Warmest” months in our area.

So, what is the outlook for October 2019? It’s definitely gotten started on a hot and humid note, with record high temperatures for this first day of the month.

Cleveland broke daily record highs today, as well as all-time record highs for the month of October at several locations.

While today may very well be the last 90 degree of the year, the Climate Prediction Center’s outlook for the next two weeks features high chances for above normal temperatures through Oct. 15.

(There will be some cooler days sprinkled in, though.)

October (Source: October)

In its three-month temperature outlook, from now through December, the Climate Prediction Center continues to pinpoint high chances for above normal temperatures for Northeast Ohio.


Something interesting to note in the above map is that the Climate Prediction Center is actually forecasting above normal temperatures for the entire lower 48 and Alaska for the fall.

The precipitation outlook from the Climate Prediction Center is, perhaps, a little more optimistic regarding rainfall chances.


Northeast Ohio has equal chances of seeing above average or below average precipitation for the fall.

The area certainly could use a little rainfall in the short term, especially for vibrant fall foliage.

The most recent forecast indicates the area will have more widespread, measurable showers on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday of this week.

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