Trial for mom of ‘Geauga’s Child’ continued to January

Trial for mom of ‘Geauga’s Child’ continued to January
Gail Rictchey

CHARDON, Ohio (WOIO) - The trial for Gail Ritchey, the mom accused killing her newborn son in March of 1993, has been continued to January of 2020.

Ritchey, 49, was arrested in June and charged with murder and aggravated murder, after DNA linked her to the crime.

According to Geauga County Sheriff deputies, Ritchey gave birth to the baby, put him in a bag and dumped him in the woods in Thompson Township.

“Over 26 years ago Gail Eastwood Ritchey left her biological child for dead. To this day, even-though she admitted her involvement she show absolutely no remorse and take no ownership of the baby,” said Geauga County Sheriff Scott Hildenbrand.

Geauga County residents paid for a funeral and gravestone for the baby they called “Geauga’s Child” and still visit his grave.

In 1994, Ritchey married the father of the baby and they have three additional children.

Ritchey’s trial is now scheduled to start on Jan. 27.

She remains out on bond.

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