Inside convicted killer George Brinkman’s confession to killing Stark County couple

Inside convicted killer George Brinkman’s confession to killing Stark County couple

STARK COUNTY, Ohio (WOIO) - George Brinkman pleaded guilty to the murders of Rogell “Gene” John and Roberta “Bobbi” John Tuesday morning.

Brinkman confessed to shooting and killing Gene and Bobbi John in their Lake Township home when they got home from vacation.

The trial continued Wednesday in front of a three-judge panel for the sentencing phase. Brinkman faces the death penalty.

Brinkman has already been sentenced to death for the murders of Suzanne Taylor and her daughters Taylor and Kylie Pifer in their North Royalton home in June 2017.

Investigators say Brinkman killed Gene and Bobbi John after he killed Suzanne and her daughters.

Rogell and Roberta John
Rogell and Roberta John (Source: WOIO)

A video of Brinkman’s confession to killing the Johns back in June 2017 was played by the prosecution in court on Tuesday.

He sat in the courtroom with his head in his hands, watching his taped confession.

“I told Bobbi and Gene to both go upstairs, I wanted them to sit on the bed,” Brinkman said on the video.

Brinkman had Gene's gun in his hand when the couple got home.

He was watching their dog and he said Bobbi accused him of not giving the dog its medication.

“And she just wouldn't shut up, Gene wouldn't shut up. And when we got to the bedroom I went to shut the door and I heard Gene get up behind me, and I turned around and the gun went off and I hit him in the head. And I didn't know it was loaded,” Brinkman said.

“He's still moving, but he hits the floor. But Bobbi, she snapped. She broke. I just shot her husband,” Brinkman said.

Brinkman had his head in his hands as the confession played in the courtroom.

He said he hit Bobbi in the head with the gun several times.

“Bobbi wouldn't shut up, she wouldn't. And Gene started to get up because I was hitting Bobbi, and that's when I shot him two more times. And I turned around and put Bobbi's head down and said please shut up and I had the gun and the trigger went off,” Brinkman said.

“I think I grabbed a pillow and put it over her head,” he said later in the video.

Brinkman said he stole money from the Johns after he killed them and threw their phones out on the highway.

Police later found him in Brunswick at a friend’s house.

The confession played in the courtroom was 40 minutes long.

It was edited so it did not include Brinkman’s confession to the North Royalton murders.

Brinkman was a family friend of the Johns, a former employee who dated their daughter.

He gave no clear motive for the crime.

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