The 911 call from a frantic aunt trying to get help for her dying niece in South Collinwood

Cleveland Police continue search for South Collinwood shooter (911 call)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - On the front porch of the East 171st Street home where 6-year-old Lyric Lawson lived and died lies a display of mementos, teddy bears and flowers that celebrate her life and lament her loss.

The 6-year-old was murdered by an unknown drive-by shooter, who fired 28 rounds in the house, early Saturday morning.

This is from the 911 call made by her distraught aunt as she was talking with the dispatcher trying to get help for her dying niece.

“I woke up my house alarm was going off. I come downstairs. The space heater a bullet went through it. It exploded. Holes all in my windows, holes all in my walls, my TV. My niece is breathing hard."

Frantic, Lyric Lawson’s aunt revealed the horror of what she had just discovered.

“My niece got shot in the head!"

Lyric and five other children were sleeping when the gunfire broke out.

Despite them and medical personnel doing all they could, Lyric didn’t make it. The community marched to the house where she was shot on Monday.

They held a vigil and left dozens of bouquets, candles, balloons and stuffed animals. Lyric’s uncle and her aunt hoping police can solve her murder.

Cleveland Police are aggressively working the case.

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