Cleveland Police aggressively investigating murder case involving 6-year-old girl; public urged to come forward with tips

Cleveland Police aggressively investigating murder case involving 6-year-old girl

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - It has been four days since 6-year-old Lyric Lawson was murdered, and police are still trying to track down her killer.

The little girl was shot in the head as she slept in her home this past Saturday on East 171st Street in Cleveland. The home was shot 28 times.

19 News checked in with Cleveland Police, and there are no new developments.

They asked that we continue to push their message that if you know something, say something.

On the steps of Cleveland City Hall Monday afternoon, City Councilman Anthony Hairston asked the public to “abandon the code of silence we have in our community, this no snitch rule. We are urging you to come forward with any information or tips you may have.”

Days later, Councilman Mike Polensek said, “There are people who know what happened here. They need to rise up.” Polensek used to represent Ward 10 where the little girl’s home is situated.

The obvious questions that are still unanswered is “Why this home, and why so many shots?”

As 19 News reported, we found a police report from last month that may shed some light. Tyrone Laney, a victim in a deadly shooting, listed this home as his primary address. Laney survived that shooting and another man died.

Laney is also listed as a victim in another deadly shooting at a bar in July 2018. According to court records, he’s been in and out of jail for years. It’s unclear if Laney was at this home when it was shot up on Saturday or if he was the intended target.

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