Stink Bugs are invading Ohio homes and looking to settle in for a long winter’s nap

You can take action now to keep stink bugs out of your home.

Stink Bugs are invading Ohio homes and looking to settle in for a long winter’s nap

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - You have probably noticed the stink bugs lurking inside and outside of your home, and you can take some simple steps or call an exterminator to make sure they do not settle in for the winter.

John Young is the president of Speed Exterminating -- a 4th generation Cleveland-based company -- and he can wipe out your stink bug problem but also says you can take some steps to help reduce your stink bug issues.

As the weather cools the stink bugs are looking to survive the winter and to do that they need to find a warm spot, and that is the simple reason you have probably removed more than a few from your home.

“It’s very disturbing for people to think these insects are coming into their homes,” Young said.

The first thing Young suggests is that you trim back your plants from the sides of your homes as the stink bugs, and in some cases lady bugs, love to use the vegetation as cover and as a way to climb to an access point to spot your home.

And an insecticide can help.

“Insecticide treatments are fine and you would need to get the insecticide up under the spaces around your home and around the foundation,” Young said.

And don’t forget the upper areas of your home although that may call for a professional exterminator as climbing a ladder and spraying can be a bit dangerous.

“Some areas behind the gutter and some of the spaces you can’t see from down below are great spots for insects to get in,” Young said.

Young also suggests that you keep wood piles as far away as possible from your home as they attract not only insects but ants and small rodents.

And if you find a few stink bugs in your home, don’t smash them because, well, you know.

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