Deadly crashes in construction zones rising in Ohio

Deadly crashes in construction zones rising in Ohio

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A car plowed into a construction site Wednesday night, killing a worker and injuring another.

The driver is now in custody.

19 News found two construction workers have been killed in work zones this year in our state, both in Northeast Ohio.

Last year, four highway workers including an ODOT employee, were killed on the job.

There were 4,662 crashes in work zones last year in Ohio, according to ODOT.

Thirteen were deadly crashes that killed 14 people total.

Four of the deaths were roadside workers.

This past March, a driver struck two construction workers on a city street in University Heights, killing one man.

The workers were painting lines on the road when they were struck.

They worked for TraffTech, the same company the construction worker just killed worked for.

Police say Wiley Bridgeman fled the scene in the March case. He pleaded not guilty.

ODOT and the Ohio Department of Public Safety have formed a partnership to reduce crashes in Ohio’s construction zones, focusing on enforcement and education.

The numbers of fatalities are going up, according to numbers released by the state.

Between 2013 and 2017, there have been 118 deadly crashes in construction zones.

ODOT recommends when you’re in a work zone, move over, slow down and pay attention.

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