Police looking into circumstances behind wild house party in Bay Village

Party organizers claim they thought they had a rental agreement from Airbnb but the company says there was no rental contract.

Police looking into circumstances behind wild house party in Bay Village

BAY VILLAGE, Ohio (WOIO) - The palatial Lake Road home was jammed, as more than 400 people overwhelmed the well-to-do Bay Village neighborhood.

When police arrived they learned that the homeowner, who was out of town, denied the party-goers claims that they had rented the home on Airbnb.

Eric Andrus, an aspiring rapper from Akron, told the police that a friend of his had rented the home so that they could throw Andrus a 23rd birthday party, but that friend is, so far, nowhere to be found.

Airbnb confirms to 19 News that there was no rental agreement made to rent the home.

Andrus says he can’t get a hold of his friend.

“He’s not answering my calls, I know for a fact we’re just not about to steal a mansion and throw a crazy party,” he said, “No I am not risking my life like that.”

The homeowner Stephanie Garvin is upset.

“Anyone would be angry if 400 people showed up in a neighborhood at one time, at a home, that’s outrageous,” Garvin said.

Andrus says he got the address from his friend and went to the home, they had planned to have a party, but admits he didn’t expect 400 people.

“Once we get in the house, we got to post the address because it’s too late now, so we post the address on insta-gram and it went crazy,” Andrus said.

Garvin is expecting Bay Village police to get the complete story, and calls it peculiar that the person who claims to have made the reservation has not been found.

Andrus says he would pay for any damage in the home but Garvin says there was no damage, but the house was full of garbage and spilled booze.

It’s been a troubling experience.

“Words cannot describe how disruptive this has been to my life, my work,” Garvin said.

Bay Village police are investigating.

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