Family of Akron woman killed by hit-skip driver says they’ll forgive but not forget

Man was running from police.

Family of Akron woman killed by hit-skip driver says they’ll forgive but not forget

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - “Frankly, it’s a public risk, public health risk here. If he’s going to prison, he’s got to get out. If he gets out, no better than when he went in. We’re just delaying more harm to the public,” said defense attorney Walter Madison.

He was asking for treatment for his client, Timothy Goforth, rather than prison.

He described his client as having a tough life.

In his 20 years, having been in 57 different foster care settings. Basically, being taken from his mother not long after he was born.

Prosecutors didn’t dismiss the claims, but have a far different view.

“You know this defendant, on that day, was driving without a valid drivers license in a stolen car with warrants issued for his arrest,” said prosecutor Felicia Easter.

When Goforth got to the intersection of Parkland and Slosson in West Akron, he ran a stop sign, speeding and hitting McGinnis’ car broadside. It rolled over and she was ejected.

An ironic twist to the story: Police had called off the chase by the time the accident happened.

“When he’s caught, the first thing he says to the officers is he wasn’t involved in a crash. He was on the other side of the city,” added Easter.

He was covered in blood at the time, had traces of pot and meth in his system, but eventually admitted to what he did.

“I don’t go a day without thinking of her and thinking of how messed up. I just messed up other people’s lives,” Goforth told Judge Tammy O’Brien.

McGinnis’ daughter spoke as others did offering forgiveness, yet admitting they could never forget what happened.

Raw emotion was just below the surface throughout.

“Make this man stand up for what he done. He messed up big time big time. He destroyed us man, he hurt us,” McGinnis told O’Brien.

The maximum sentence was 15-and-a-half years. Judge O’Brien sentenced him to 10 years.

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