Watch: Adorable lion cub startles mom at Scottish zoo

It was a sneak attack

(CNN/Gray News) – A camera in the lion's den at Scotland's Edinburgh Zoo caught a cute family moment this week.

The video shows mama lion, Roberta, trying to keep watch over her three cubs. But as all moms know, it’s tough to keep an eye on everyone all the time.

While one of the cubs approaches from the front, another is stalking her from behind.

A little pounce on mom’s backside startles Roberta and she gives the little one a warning snarl.

“Trying to relax when you have little ones,” quips the Facebook post from the zoo.

Lion cubs at Edinburgh Zoo

Trying to relax when you have little ones 😴😂 #Relatable

Posted by Edinburgh Zoo on Friday, October 4, 2019

The family is made of up endangered Asiatic lions. They used to exist across southwest Asia but are now only found in India.

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