4th former inmate claims brutality from corrections officers at Portage County Jail

4th former inmate claims brutality from corrections officers at Portage County Jail

PORTAGE COUNTY, Ohio (WOIO) - Amanda Griffiths came to the Portage County Jail with her mom. She is Larry Tawney’s sister and wants information about his treatment while in custody.

She said she made a complaint about his treatment at the jail a year ago, but heard nothing.

On Friday, they came armed with a freedom of information request, asking for “new footage of the beating of Larry R. Tawney night of July 12th, 2018 while sleeping in his cell.”

After Tawney was sentenced in Portage County Court, he was housed at the Portage County Jail awaiting transportation to prison.

Allegations mount against Portage County Jail corrections officers

When he got to Lorain, he was in tough shape. He was held out of general population for 30 days until he healed.

“He had to go like this for our visitation 'cause he couldn’t hear. At Lorain County, they did measure the boot mark or whatever that did it,” she added, pointing to her cheek.

The pair walked their information into the jail and handed it in.

Sheriff David Doak acknowledged receipt of the document after a couple of minutes and came out into the lobby. It didn’t go particularly well.

“It’s my brother and the beating in your county jail,” alleged Griffiths.

Doak said that statement was debatable, angering the women.

19 News made a similar request a couple of weeks ago.

Clearly, “mum” is the word at the jail. The reply to our request for information was that no records could be provided. That echoes a complaint made by insiders to the Ohio Inspector General, saying that requests for information should be deflected.

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