Ashtabula man cuts down cat he found hanging from tree

Ashtabula man cuts down cat he found hanging from tree

ASHTABULA, Ohio (WOIO) - An Ashtabula man says he was shocked to find a cat hanging from a tree on the side of his property on Tuesday.

Joe Chapman tells 19 News that he found the cat struggling for air, and ran inside his home for a pair of scissors to cut the animal down.

“It just had the rope right around its head, it was just hanging there. Its tail was like barely moving. I like freaked out,” he said.

Chapman says he snapped a photo to show police, then called for help after cutting the cat down from the tree.

"It just took off running. It was like, whoo, gone," he said.

Chapman says he has not seen the cat since.

Animal Control could not be reached for comment by 19 News on Saturday. According to local police, there was only one cat involved in the incident, despite reports that a number of animals had been found hanging from trees on the westside of Ashtabula.

The City Council is set to discuss the city's feral cat problems on Monday.

It is not clear if the cat found hanging from the tree was a stray or belonged to someone.

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